Cycle of Change

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7 August, 2018

The Cycle of Change program is a collaboration between apprenticeship support service MAS National and Lighthouse Youth Projects Inc.

With a shared passion for supporting disadvantaged and disengaged youth, MAS and Lighthouse Youth Projects established the program to work with disengaged school students to develop life skills, build and maintain confidence and resilience, as well as mentoring them towards a successful future and a pathway to further education, training and employment opportunities.

The program delivers multiple skill building workshops, supporting participants in the development of knowledge, confidence and addressing barriers to employment. Acting as a vehicle of engagement, the BMX promotes social inclusion and peer support. Learning to ride a BMX or attempt jumps and tricks encourages participants to redirect their thrill seeking or negative behaviours into healthier and more positive activities, contributing to the development a sense of achievement and self esteem.

The program is an Empowering YOUth Initiative in conjunction with the Commonwealth Department of Employment.

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